Frequently asked questions

What is BeWarned Connect PRO?

It’s a handy solution that you can use for providing your services to the deaf and hard of hearing in real-time. It enables the communication the exact same way you make it with any other messenger. However, you shouldn’t have to share any of your personal contact information.

Easily activated without downloads for your client, BeWarned Connect PRO makes you Deaf Friendly at the moment any deaf or hard of hearing person comes to purchase your goods or services.

How many deaf and hard of hearing people are out there who need my services/products?

According to ​ NIDCD, approximately 15% of American adults (37.5 million) aged 18 and over report some trouble hearing, and one in eight people in the United States (13%, or 30 million) aged 12 years or older has hearing loss in both ears, based on standard hearing examinations.

What will I get with BeWarned Connect PRO?

There are certain benefits you can gain for your business:

  • reach up to 10%more clients by creating an inclusive milieu
  • BeWarned will help you in promoting your Deaf Friendly business within our network for deaf and hard of hearing people and informing local deaf communities about you
  • get more loyal customers among your existing pool, as a reliable and human-oriented business
  • monitor and manage application usage by your employees throughout our platform

What business can become Deaf Friendly?

Any business can become Deaf Friendly where you have live communication with your clients like banks, restaurants, stores, hotels, gas stations, cafés, taxi etc. You can customize a range of templates for your offerings and responses to your clients.

Where can I find deaf and hard of hearing clients?

Deaf people usually visit places that were recommended by their friends or relatives. because they want to be understood and receive high-quality service. Once you become Deaf Friendly, be sure your deaf and hard of hearing clients will be talking about you inside their communities. More then that, we will inform your local deaf communities or relevant institutions about your business being available to them.

Why are a pen and a paper not enough to start chatting with the deaf and hard of hearing?

There are several main reasons why such an approach does not work:

  • Sure, you can cope with a pen and a paper but it could create a stressful situation for both your manager and client when someone cannot recognize one’s handwriting, and thus misses the meaning or wastes time trying to it sorting.
  • It really takes more time passing that stuff off to one to another for each message. However, with BeWarned Connect PRO, the communication takes place as chatting using two mobile devices. Furthermore, your managers can convert speech to text so it will facilitate the talk.
  • Using a pen and paper is more like an on-the-fly workaround for a deaf or hard of hearing people, rather than demonstrating your openness and being respectful to their needs.

Why do I need deaf and hard of hearing clients?

One in eight clients is passing by your business and there’s no other marketing strategy than to become Deaf Friendly. Isn’t it great to host new clients with special needs, and jotfully provide them with services?

How long can I use the trial version?

Our free trial lasts one month with full functionality included.

What should I do when the free trial expires?

You can switch to a licensed version paying for a subscription. In case you need more time for testing, please contact us.

What is your licensing policy?

We charge for the workplace in your company. That means the license is issued for each of your employees who will be serving deaf and hard of hearing, with his/her mobile device at the workplace.

How many workplaces do I need to cover with licenses?

It depends on the number of employees in your company who will be assigned to serve deaf and hard of hearing people.

Is it possible to pay annually or any longer term than one month?

Sure, you can choose any length of the time plan to subscribe. Please contact us for a quote.

Is there any special offer for numerous installations?

Yes, you can have a discount in case you’re interested in more than 100 workplaces to cover. Please contact us for a quote.

How to launch BeWarned Connect PRO?

You can create your company account on BeWarned Connect PRO platform and activate the licenses for your workplaces. Your employees will get access to our mobile applications for further chatting with deaf and hard of hearing clients.

Why should I have a QR-code?

We use QR-codes (Quick Response Code) as an easy way for your deaf and hard of hearing clients to get connected with your employees using their mobile devices. It is not a single way for them to start chatting with you. If they do not have any QR reader we have also enclosed a short link to type in a browser which similarly results in starting the dialog. You can place your unique QR-code and the short link like Points of Sale anywhere in your service area. It could be an entrance, a bar counter, a teller window, a taxi door, a reception etc.

How can I get a QR-code?

You will get a QR-code right after your authorization to our BeWarned Connect PRO platform. It will be stored in your company’s account in different formats.

Is it necessary for the deaf and hard of hearing to download the app before communication?

No, there’s no need to download. However, your clients should have a QR-reader app to scan your unique QR-code. Alternatively, he/she can copy a short link in a browser which is displayed on your same POS sheet with the QR-code.

What is BeWarned Connect PRO platform?

It is an account registration for your company where you can manage the usage of our applications by your employees and monitor the communication flow with deaf and hard of hearing people.

Do I have any access to track the application usage?

Yes, with your authorized access to BeWarned Connect PRO platform you’ll be able to track the daily number of unique sessions and their content. Also, you can create reports for any period of time checking the communication performance by the number of served clients, time duration of each session or group. So you will get a better understanding of how efficient the usage is.

Is your software secure?

Yes, it is absolutely secure because all the messages between your clients and employees will be delivered via secured HTTPS protocol in encrypted format. They will be stored in encrypted files on the server with your unique access to them.

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